What Can Remote IT Monitoring and Management Do For Your Business?

Remote IT monitoring provides peace of mind

ITeck Managed Services provides remote IT monitoring for small to medium-sized businesses in the Texas Panhandle. Remote monitoring and management allows us to keep an eye on your computer systems, install updates and identify potential problems before they result in downtime or data loss.

The Texas Panhandle is a big place. It encompasses more than 25,000 square miles, which is greater than the circumference of the earth. Physically getting from one place to another can take hours, but with ITeck’s remote access tools, immediate IT support is just a phone call away.


Benefits include:

  • We worry about your computer systems so you can focus on your customers and growing your business.
  • We perform normal computer maintenance for you, including Windows updates and disk maintenance, and we do it during off hours so your business isn’t disrupted.
  • Fixed monthly fees allow you to budget accurately and avoid unexpected expenses.
  • We provide regular reports on network and equipment health, allowing you to better anticipate technology expenses.
  • We are there for you 24/7.

Network Monitoring

Remote monitoring and management allows ITeck to evaluate and address network performance, resolving issues before they impact your systems.

Backup & Storage Services

ITeck’s remote IT monitoring includes real-time observation of backup processes, ensuring that backups are proceeding normally and that data recovery is available from any backup source, including physical or virtual machines or from the cloud. Our tools enable us to disable, enable, create, edit, delete, start or cancel backup jobs on demand, providing protection for operating systems, applications, settings and data.

Remote Management

You can have peace of mind that ITeck’s remote monitoring tools will keep your system is healthy and secure. Most tasks can be performed without impacting the user experience.

IT Asset Management

With ITeck identifying, tracking, auditing and managing your workstations, servers, routers and printers, you can be sure that you are in compliance with licensing requirements, that configurations are consistent and up to date and that assets can be tracked if needed.


Patch Management

ITeck’s remote IT services verifies that software updates, patches, hot fixes and firmware updates are current to keep your software and hardware running at peak efficiency.

Hardware and Software Inventory

ITeck can help you track your hardware and software so that you have a complete record of your IT assets.

Hosted Email

ITeck will monitor your hosted email service to reduce spam and viruses before they impact your business.


Threat Management Services

Remote monitoring of the Windows event log helps ITeck to identify critical events and quickly deploy remediation to protect your network against attacks, crashes and data loss.

Software Deployment

ITeck deploys software for you, and remote IT services ensure that software is deployed consistently to all devices at off-peak times to prevent disruption to workflows.

Antivirus Services

ITeck protects your devices with the latest antivirus definitions to prevent malicious software attacks, phishing scams, spyware and spam to keep your network secure.

Print Management

ITeck monitors ink levels, paper levels and the number of pages printed for your printers and can initiate, stop and start printers remotely to reduce printer downtime.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Management of Apple iOS® and AndroidTM platform mobile devices, including effortless enrollment of new and existing devices; configuration of devices to enforce company policies and procedures; collection of relevant hardware and software data; and implementation of safety policies and restrictions, including password requirements, number of login attempts before a device locks, app store accessibility and auto-wipe actions in case of a misplaced or stolen device. Whether devices are personally owed or company provided, MDM lets your employees enjoy the benefits of remote connectivity while keeping your company information safe and secure.

Customized Reports

Customized reports provide insight into your IT system, including executive summaries, status reports, configuration and inventory statistics, keeping you informed of the services you receive and the status of your IT network.

Technical Support Services

Your employees will receive fast, secure, remote technical support. Our built-in help desk ticketing system and on-demand tunnel vision streamlines technician response time for quick and efficient resolution of all employee support issues.

Contact us today for an analysis of your IT infrastructure and to determine which services are right for your business.